Hybrid Eyebrow tinting – all you need to know in Q and A

Hybrid Brow Tint – Key treasure

Hybrid brow tint is a truly wonderful treatment, it works magic for achieving both subtle, natural brows or bold effect . But the main benefit of hybrid brow tinting, compared to other tinting products, is its impressive long-lasting result.

A Hybrid tint is a brow dye with similar intense and long-lasting effects as Henna. It is highly pigmented, stains sparse eyebrows and suits most skin types. It can give a dramatic or natural look without any ammonia. It's for women who are after a tint that will last longer on both hairs and skin underneath than regular tint.

Aftercare may include avoiding water exposure for as long as possible, avoiding oil-based products on the eyebrows. Avoid sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools etc. Steer clear of makeup or cleansers on the brows for 24 hours. No scrubbing or exfoliating near brows for 24-72 hours after staining. The main recommendation is «Do not touch”

Yes, one of the benefits of hybrid brow tint is the ability to customize the colour and intensity on both  eyebrow hairs and skin.

There are a few things that will help lessen the risk of irritation and help prolong your tinting results.
Avoid any harsh exfoliating products (AHAs & BHAs) or retinol 3 days prior to your appointment. This will ensure your skin isn’t irritated by the hybrid dye for eyebrows and will also lessen the chances of an allergic reaction. Same rule applies for fake tanners. At least 1 week prior avoid getting skin resurfacing facials like chemical peels or microneedling. Otherwise your skin will be much more sensitive and prone to any reactions. A gentle exfoliation is recommended since it helps remove dead skin cells and allows the hybrid tint to really take to the skin. You can avoid using any oils or skincare products around the brow area for 24 hours before your appointment. Keep your brows with no makeup products right before your appointment if possible.

The frequency depends on personal preference and how quickly the tint fades. It lasts up to 10 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hairs However, If your brows are pretty patchy or hairs are quite spars the stain on the skin wont last as long. Same if you have oily skin type. It's the only tint of its kind giving you the same long lasting effect as Henna. Many people opt for touch-ups every 2-4 weeks to maintain a consistent colour.

Hybrid brow tinting is considered safe. Hybrid eyebrow dye is specifically made to be used around the eye area and is safe for most skin types. Hybrid dye is ammonia-free, it goes more gentle on the hairs. It is pretty rare to get any allergy reaction after hybrid tinting, however some temporary redness or skin irritation may happen, that can be alleviated with a cool damp compress. If in cases it doesn’t go away within the first 24 hours, seek medical advice.